1. FIRST LETTER FROM RECRUITS -FORM LETTERS w/ADDRESS - Recruit's Address, The first letter you receive from your recruit will be a form letter. This letter should arrive in approximately 10-14 days after they ship for boot camp. The form letter should include your recruit's mailing address. The company and platoon information will be listed on the letter your recruit sends home about 2 - 3 weeks into training. (MCRD Official Message,
  2. FIRST CALL from your recruit - All new Marine recruits make a phone call home after arriving on the Recruit Depot. The sole purpose of this first phone call is to notify the family that their recruit has arrived safely. There has recently been a change to the first phone call for recruits. They still have a short scripted message to say, but at the end the parents are given a chance to ask a quick question. Also, the Drill Instructors are not screaming at them while they make their phone call.
  3. GRADUATION -Can I get a OORAH! Graduation is the culmination of your recruit's hard work and is now open to families. Read latest updates for Parris Island, for San Diego
  4. WHEN WILL YOU SEE YOUR NEW MARINE - Marines receive one day of travel and ten days of leave after recruit training graduation before attending the School of Infantry (SOI). Marines participating in the Recruiter Assistance program will receive up to thirty days of leave before attending the SOI. Those with an Infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) are trained at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) over the course of 52 days, and those with a non-Infantry MOS are trained at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) over the course of 29 days. They are then assigned to a unit with a Permanent Duty Station (PDS). (learn more)
  5. CONNECT WITH A MILITARY EXPERT - We know the military journey can be confusing and overwhelming, especially during recruit training. You are now part of our community and can reach out to our team of veterans, Navy active-duty spouses, and moms for support. We have set up a private Facebook messenger just for this reason. ASK US A QUESTION You are never alone, and there is no such thing as a dumb question. (read more the official MCRD San Diego site.

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