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We believe God is protecting your recruit!

My name is Andrew, and I want to thank you for joining our military family. We are a faith-based company and believe in God's favor! Your journey as a military loved one begins with keeping God first. Let God protect you from the challenges that lie ahead and provide you the strength & courage needed to persevere.


CEO/Founder (USMC Veteran)

Our support team is made up of veterans, active-duty spouses, and military family members. We will do our best to provide you with support and resources to make your pass with peace.

Support Team

A Military Family

Now this is Military Made Simple.

Everything about recruit training is all in one place. Weekly training schedule, Mailing addresses, Graduation Live Streams, and send a free postcard to your recruit.

God & Counry

Life in and after the Military can be hard, and it’s often difficult to find relevant, Military-specific resources to help during the ups and downs. We provide free bibles for recruits and family members. 

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