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  1. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE FIRST 72 HOURS - When loved one arrives at San Antonio's International Airport, they will be greeted by a BMT Reception Center Military Training Instructor (MTI). Newly arriving trainees are instructed to call home and let family know they safely arrived in San Antonio – regardless if your trainee called you when they first get off the plane. You might also receive a text message with a picture of their address.
  2. THE FIRST CALL - The purpose of this phone call is to give you their mailing address the trainee will be using for the next 8 ½ weeks. Please prepare yourself mentally for the call as there is not time to chat and your Airman may seem very stressed or emotional. Rest assured your Trainee is just fine. We highly suggest you have a pen and paper ready during this time period. If for whatever reason you do not get the info (maybe it was too loud or bad connection) please do not panic. The next course of action is to email or call the BMT Reception Center at or 210-671-3024 or 3069.
  3. MAIL CALL - There are a few ways to send mail to your recruit. The first, USPS mail services are the traditional way to send letters to your recruit - and there is nothing better than a handwritten letter from home.. You can also use who gives each family a FREE POSTCARD. prints and mails your personalized postcards to each squadron's mailroom every M/W/F. 
  4. UNIQUE TRAININGS - Every Air Force journey is different, but no matter where your recruit's career takes them, every path begins in training. Each training program is designed to help your recruit find their mental and physical strengths and to develop the skills and values necessary to succeed in the Air Force and achieve their goals. This is where your loved ones officially become an Airman.
  5. GOD & COUNTRY - Supported by the Air Force Chaplain Corps, recruits come to thrive in this setting and live out the enduring values of respect, magnanimity, and human dignity for all. Whether exercising their personal freedom of religion or learning to ensure the same freedoms for those they will serve within the Air Force, recruits have a robust group of faith communities to help them grow. 



Get more mail from your recruit 🥳 by sending them a Power Pack of postcards. Each card is stamped and pre-addressed. We print and mail the postcards to your recruit - all they do is add messages and drop them in the evening mail.


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