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Who & What is
We are a Veteran owned business and partner site of Our goal is to support the military community. Our primary focus is to help recruit families and friends with their SR's journey through boot camp training and beyond.

We understand this is an overwhelming period and will never underestimate the importance of your concerns. We may not be able to provide solutions, but we will give you hope that your SR will find successfully earn the title, U.S. Navy Sailor.

Do I need to subscribe?
Optional. We have a free and paid version of the application. Our essential paid subscription delivers an advanced weekly update on the SR's training. (Sample). Subscriptions are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time (See Benefits)

What can I send to my recruit?
Write to your SR as much as possible. Letters from family and friends have a direct relationship to their level of motivation 😀. RCT has strict rules on what mail and is limited to basic letters and cards (learn more), therefore no care packages during boot camp.

When will I receive a phone call from my SR?
The SR is allowed one quick call upon arriving at RCT using their phone or a direct line provided by RCT. Don't expect too much information and be prepared for your SR to sound a bit 'out of sorts.' They are in a new environment and a little sleep-deprived. You will receive another call within two weeks, which will be a bit calmer.

When will I know my SR's address?
Once the SR has completed initial processing, their ship and division are assigned. Typically, the primary contact for the SR will receive a form letter with the address and other pertinent information the 3rd week from the ship date. (learn more) During the time of quarantine, the SR may shift Ships several times - so don't be worried if you don't receive a letter immediately.

Can I attend graduation?
Graduation and the live stream is canceled for now. But, our team offers a Celebration Friday to recognize your Sailor's accomplishments. Each Friday, we hold a live ZOOM and Facebook live stream. Although our event doesn't replace graduation, we do offer some fun activities - such as the Armed forces melody, the Sailor's creed, and a guest speaker. If you would like to join us, we would love to celebrate your recruit's success. You can register under our Event tab.

How do I book travel to see my Sailor after graduation?
As a military full-service travel agency, we provide support in booking flights, hotel, and car reservations. Our team of active-duty spouses & veterans are all certified military travel agents. Our specialty is graduation travel & A-School travel, and special rates for active duty service members. Please complete our Family Travel Worksheet to receive & book your travel.

Why is everything so confusing?
Our team of veterans and active-duty spouses understand. We are dedicated to providing you the best answers to your questions and reduce your frustration. We recommend only believing news that comes directly from your recruit or RCT.

How do I see photos of my recruit?
Traditionally, RTC publishes daily/weekly pictures of the SRs in training. However, due to the COVID-19 there has been a reduce number of pictures. We monitor RTC's Facebook pag and update our Groups Albums to make it easier for you to see your reruit. RTC doesn't label their photos by DIV/SHIP, thus they are randomly posted.  (See Images)

How do I order photos of my new Sailor?
The Navy Exchange takes professional individual pictures of the recruits in their dress uniform during training. They also take pictures of the entire division. The recruit has the option of purchasing these pictures and families can order the day of graduation. (order form) We recommend confirmation with your SR prior to ordering a second set.

How do I make a PIR Door Anchor?
PIR door anchors are a great way to show your SR your appreciation for their success. As a subscriber, you will have access to our private community board and Arts & Craft group. (see sample Anchors)

Can I send a Care Package to my SR during recruit training?
No. Recruits can only received letters & cards, which can include a few pictures or news paper clippings. Care packages can be sent after graduation and check into their A-School. All subscribers receive 25% off their first order, and then up to 15% on all future orders. Shipping is free for all orders over $49.95(Care Packages). Typical shipping is 0-$25 per package - so this is a really good deal 😍.

Can I create my own Kudo boards?
Yes. Pro and Premium subscribers have unlimited Kudo boards. You also have unlimited contributions, which means multiple individuals can add to the same board. You can also print and mail a kudo board to your SR - it is an easy way to have multiple loved one all sign the same 'letter' or board.

Who can see my Kudo Board?
Kudo boards created in your account are private and only available to those you share. You can choose to text or email the URL to one or multiple recipients. Boards can also be viewed as slideshows. (learn more)


How do I let my SR know someone has passed away or is sick?
The best way is to contact the Red Cross, who, in turn, will reach the command. Call 1-877-272-7337 (toll-free) or contact your local Red Cross. If your family needs emergency assistance, you can submit a request online or call the American Red Cross. Access vital emergency and non-emergency resources for military members, veterans, and military families. (Learn more)

Should I tell my SR bad news over the phone or letter?
Although a personal decision, it is recommended not to deliver bad news to your SR over the phone or by letter. If there is an emergency, let the command's chaplain meet with your SR personally. Šī¸ 2020 - The appearance of DoD visuals does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. Images adoped from service Public Affairs.