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Faith is what brings us to completeness

Therefore put on the full armor of God.

Free Military Bibles

Compliments of the American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry

This compact ESV Bible contains a 75-day devotional written specially for Military members, along with maps, songs, hymns, prayers, and a “Christian Mission Essential Task List.” Anyone who completes the devotional challenge may request a commendation Challenge Coin. 

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Marine Corps

Coast Guard

The Flag Edition


Army & Air Force 

Bible Request Form - it may take up to 5-10 days to receive Bible. We will send a Bible to your recruit addresses, but please make sure they have at least 3 weeks remaining in training so we have time to ship.

Bible Donations
Our Bibles are always free, including shipping. However, if you would like to donate toward the cost of shipping for your Bible or others, we would greatly appreciate your support. Although we are working toward becoming a 501c3 we are currently an LLC committed to our faith-based values.

God Bless,
Andrew, CEO (USMC Veteran)

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