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The following states where Sailors will be attending Navy A Schools. The Navy calls its job training A school. All Navy enlisted ratings (jobs) have an A school, which teaches you the fundamentals of your new Navy job. If you're in a normal rating, attending Navy A school is very much like attending a regular college program, in that after class you can go play, assuming that you haven't been assigned to any extra duties (such as watch).

Of course, like other military branches, you'll also have mandatory PT (exercise) sessions at least three days per week.

After graduation from A school, a few new sailors attend C school, while most are assigned to their first ship or permanent duty station. C school is advanced training within your rating (job). For example, if you attended A school for general computer maintenance, it may be followed with C school to teach you how to work on a specific complicated computer system. Being chosen for C school means that you have proven that you're qualified to be trained in an advanced area of the job. (From Basic Training for Dummies, copyright © 2011 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey. Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

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• The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and Center for Information Warfare Training can be found in • Monterey. This A school teaches Crytpologic Technician, Interpretive.
• The Naval Construction Training Center can be found in Port Hueneme, providing training for construction ratings.
• Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare is located on Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. Training consists of mine and submarine detection/warfare as well as sonar training.

• Submarine Electronics Computer Field, Information Systems Technician and Machinist Mate A Schools are all three located at Groton, CT.

• The Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center is located in Panama City Beach. It trains on diving and underwater construction.
• The Center for Information Dominance is located in Pensacola. The school provides training for Cryptologic Technicians and Information System Technicians.
• Naval Air Station and Naval Aviation Technical Training Center is in Pensacola as well and provide training for aviation related ratings.

• The Trident Training Facility, Kings Bay is located in Georgia. This A School focuses on submarine and missile technician ratings.

• Illinois is home to one of the largest Naval training locations at Great Lakes. Great Lakes provides A School training in a large list of ratings from electricians and EOD to mechanics. See complete list of A Schools below for exact ratings.

• The Naval Technical Training Center detachment in Meade, Maryland hosts the Defense Information School for ratings specific to communications.

• The Center For Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Keesler, can be found at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. It focuses on aviation training.
• The Naval Construction Battalion Center can also be found in Gulfport. This schools supports construction and steel ratings.
• The Naval Technical Training Center can be found in Meridian. It focuses on Yeoman, Logistics, Retail and personnel A Schools.

• Center For Seabees and Facilities Engineering Detachment has a location at Fort Leonard Wood for Engineering A School.

Rhode Island
• The Naval Justice school is located in Newport and trains individuals ratings such as Legalman.

South Carolina
• In South Carolina the Navy A School for the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command can be found. This school is located on Joint Base Charleston and focuses on Nuclear training.
• South Carolina also hosts the Naval Chaplaincy School and Center at Fort Jackson.

• The Navy Medicine Support Center is located at Fort Sam Houston, and provides training for ratings such as Corpsman.
• Naval Technical Training Center is located on Joint Base San Antonio in San Antonio, TX. This training center provides A School for Master-At-Arms.
• Sheppard Air Force Base has Navy A Schools for Utilitiesman as well as Construction Electrician.

• The Information Warfare Training Command can be found in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the Naval Air Station Dam Neck.
• The Joint Culinary Training Center can be found in Virginia. Also, the Naval School of Music can be found in Virginia.
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